If you’re looking for a private consultation, health and wellness session at your company, or content marketing for your brand, this is the place to be! If your request doesn’t exactly fit into those categories, just send me a message anyway and let’s chat 🙂

Book a 1-hour private session or receive a tailor-made nutrition, lifestyle and supplement program with one-on-one coaching for up to 6 months.
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If you're a health and wellness brand in need of digital marketing content, lets discuss articles, ebooks, videos, recipe creation and more.
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Book me for corporate wellness session, university or high school talk. You'll get practical advice, lifelong education and some laughs along the way.

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Education First
Children's Aid Society
Rotary Club
  • Customer Testimonials
    Alina’s approach to nutrition and healthy living is refreshing! Her speech really resonated with our audience of Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interact members. Everyone walked away with more knowledge of how to incorporate healthy habits in their daily lives. Most notably, our attendees appreciated Alina’s emphasis on the fact that everyone’s body is different and there is no one-size-fits all model when it comes to healthy living. Each person can adopt the tips that work best for their body.
    Kelly Ku, Rotaract Toronto
  • Customer Testimonials
    Alina presented an amazing workshop for Rogers employees at the bWell Fitness centre. Her extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition combined with the understanding of corporate culture makes her one of best health professionals in corporate wellness!
    Mario Moradi, Assistant Manager @ Roger's Media
  • Customer Testimonials
    Caffeine overload is easy to achieve in the agency world. We often forget to turn off our coffee machines and phones. Good thing we had Alina come visit us! Alina visited Brightworks during Healthy Workplace Awareness Month for a lunch and learn. Our biggest boardroom was PACKED during a lunch break, which is a rare occurrence to see in our office. Alina offered her tips for a healthier life inside and outside of the corporate walls. After her visit, many individuals have noted higher energy levels, better sleep, and dare we say… drank less coffee! We are very thankful and appreciative for Alina, and would love for her to present to our clients!
    Thaomy Lam, Event Marketing Manager @ Brightworks