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When I was in Grade 8, my friends and I went through a phase where we were addicted to making homemade frappuccino. A weird thing to be addicted to, but we were 13-year old girls and it’s easy to think something is THE COOLEST THING EVER for a few months. It was a mixture of Nutella, vanilla ice-cream and instant coffee. Basically a sugar and caffeine sh**show which sent you right to heaven.

The chubby child that I was, the concerns first came from my mother who was disturbed by my giddy expression around a blender and jar of Nutella. But the real wake-up call came when I wasted an entire hour of my guitar lesson, unable to control my fingers from shaking. Yep, I was a junkie at age 13.

The moral of the story? While the occasional cup of coffee doesn’t hurt, being addicted to it and needing it everyday has bad consequences for your health. And yes, I know it has antioxidants and flavonoids and many wonderful other components, but if you are unable to function without coffee, need it to concentrate or have energy, and get moody or have headaches without a cup…it’s not a good sign. You can read more about this here.

The good news is, there’s so many coffee alternatives out there that help make the process painless! Here’s an overview of the top four on the market (note: taste-tested on my husband, a coffee-addict in transition). You can buy all of these online (I got mine from or at a health food store.

1. Macaccino

  • No caffeine
  • No brewing, just add hot water/non-dairy milkMacaccino
  • Chocolate-mocha flavour
  • Ingredients: chocolate, black maca, vanilla powder, coconut sugar
  • Why it’s awesome: maca is a root herb known for boosting energy + memory + mood + libido + hormonal balance
  • P.S. this is my husband’s favourite (or for anyone who loves chocolate)

2. Teecino


  • No caffeine
  • Brews & tastes like coffee
  • Also comes in teabags
  • Known for taste + huge flavour variety
  • Main ingredients: carob, barley, chicory, figs, dates, dandelion root, almonds
  • Why it’s awesome: energizes + heart health
    + prebiotic fibre for gut health + high antioxidants

3. Dandy Blend

  • Dandy BlendDoes not require brewing
  • Reputation as the BEST coffee substitute (closest in taste to drip coffee) + claims to mitigate all withdrawal symptoms
  • Main ingredients: chicory, beets, dandelion, rye
  • Why it’s awesome: same benefits as Teecino, depends which one your tastebuds prefer!

Green Tea4. Green Tea

  • Has caffeine (but way less)
  • Widely available
  • Why it’s awesome: energizes + high in antioxidants + balances blood sugar + calms mind + boosts metabolism
  • P.S. You can also buy something called green matcha tea powder (from a health food store) which you can whisk into a hot, milk substitute. It tastes DELICIOUS, especially when you add in some vanilla, coconut oil and stevia to sweeten 🙂 Definitely my favourite. 


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  1. I love dandy blend as it’s definitely a good coffee sub. I also add some cinnamon to it really adds to the feel.

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