7 Healthy Halloween Candy Brands

healthy halloween treats

Do you find that halloween candy has a way of haunting you (pun intended) even after the day has come and gone? Do Tootsie Rolls, Halloween-size boxes of Smarties and Kit Kats somehow find their way into your purse or pockets as you finish off the stash at home or others try to dump their leftovers on you at work? After all, miniature-sized versions of anything are always so much cuter and harder to resist (until you end up eating 10 of them, whoopsie)!

So how are you supposed to avoid candy during Halloween? Hand out baby carrots to kids when they come trick or treating at your door? Lock up your kids every Halloween and deny them the joy of trick or treating? (Although if you’re from an immigrant family or South Asian like me, this is very plausible. My parents never understood why I wanted to go dress up and beg strangers for candy).

Realistically, it’s probably going to be impossible to avoid Halloween candy altogether. While you can’t prevent what kids will bring into the house, you can however, minimize the damage by purchasing healthier candy options for home.

This will allow you to:

  • Be in control of what you buy for trick or treaters (and essentially in control of what leftovers that end up in your belly)
  • Have some healthier options on hand for your kids (they won’t notice if you swap out some of their stash for other candy…right?)
  • Simply throw a few healthier options into the leftover Halloween candy stash at work so that you can still indulge a little without feeling left out.

7 Healthier Candy/Treats for Halloween 

Full disclosure: by no means is the list below free of sugar or is it actually going to be bursting with nutrition. This is still candy folks, but it is a hundred times better than the most common candy options that are full of artificial dyes, artificial flavours, corn syrup and other genetically modified ingredients.

Most of these brands use organic ingredients, steer clear of anything artificial, and rely on natural sweeteners as much as possible.

  1. Surf Sweets: sour worms, jelly beans and gummy bears made with organic cane sugar, organic fruit flavour & organic fruit for colour
  2. Yum Earth: lollipops, gummies and fruit snacks free of artificial colours, flavours and high fructose corn syrup
  3. Xyla Lollipops: sugar-free lollipops made with the sweetener, xylitol
  4. TruJoy: chocolate chews, lollipops and candy canes that are free of artificial colours, corn syrup and made with organic ingredients
  5. Torie & Howard: hard fruit chews made with organic sweeteners and fruit colouring
  6. Gin Gins: okay, this one is more adult candy, unless you have a freakish child who loves ginger. Made with just pure ginger and cane sugar, these chewy candies not only taste amazing but are excellent for nausea and indigestion.
  7. Panda: all-natural licorice sweetened with fruit and molasses


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