Ask Alina: What Supplements Do You Take On A Regular Basis?

Q: What supplements do you take on a regular basis?

A: To be honest, I don’t take that many supplements! I regularly take a probiotic to maintain good gut health and immune function, and a form of Omega 3 (such as flax oil, or fish oil) for hormone health and brain health, but only if I feel that I’m not getting enough in my diet.

I also take Vitamin C powder in water a few times per week since it’s a potent antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage (in English, it’s good for overall health, immune function, skin health etc.)

I tend to use supplements more so for therapeutic purposes, when I need to recover from an injury or health problem. For example, below are supplements I always keep on hand at home:

  • Magnesium: if my muscles are sore or in pain, and during my period to help relieve cramps naturally
  • Betaine HCL + digestive enzymes: if my digestion feels sluggish and slow, or if I know I’ll be eating more indulgent foods
  • Adaptogens: to help me through a very stressful period, or to help recover from burnout (when I’m physically and emotionally wiped out)
  • Vitamin D: for Canadian winters when the sun is nowhere to be seen (I live in Dubai now, but this used to be a staple!)

While there’s no harm in taking all of the supplements mentioned above on a regular basis, I prefer to rely on food and exercise as much as possible. Trust me, I love walking into health food stores and want to buy all the superfoods and supplements there, but I also have to consider my wallet. I always ask myself if it’s really necessary, and let that serve as my guide.

Note: it’s also important to keep in mind that (thankfully) I don’t suffer from any health problems. This answer would be a lot different if I had a chronic digestive issue or hormonal problem.


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