Ask Alina: What (Healthy) Snacks Do You Eat?

ask-alinaQ: What snacks do you eat that are actually healthy and don’t leave you starving?

A: The first step to take when you have the urge to snack is to ask yourself: am I hungry or just bored, stressed or otherwise eating my feelings? Or perhaps, even just thirsty? I’ve realized that half the time I have the urge to snack, I’m just bored and giving myself something to do. Or I’ll feel the need to have something in my hand to munch, just because I’m watching a movie. You know how it is.

So, if you’ve determined that you’re actually hungry my friend, then you want to choose something that will keep your blood sugar levels stable. If it shoots up your blood sugar, you’re going to have an energy crash and even more cravings, which can become a vicious cycle.

A blood sugar balancing snack is one that has a mixture of the following: protein, fat and fibre. A blood sugar spiking snack is one that is mostly refined carbs. Examples of the former:

  • Fruit with nut butter
  • Avocado toast
  • Hardboiled eggs
  • Hummus and carrots
  • Protein shake or (clean) protein bar
  • Greek yogurt with berries

Examples of the latter:

  • Croissant
  • Muffin
  • Donut
  • Sugary granola bar
  • Chocolate
  • Ice-cream
  • Biscuit or cookie
  • Chips

I try to keep some snacks at home (and my purse/backpack) at all times, so that I always have something to turn to. It’s usually hummus and veggies, or a yogurt parfait that I turn to at home. While I try not to eat too many protein bars, sometimes it’s the most convenient option on the go! I like Kirkland and Quest bars, especially since they make me feel like I’m indulging in a dessert 🙂

P.S. sometimes I just have a snack from the second list because I really feel like it. No guilt, just letting myself enjoy it. The key is to do that 5-10% of the and not the other way around!


Did you find this helpful? If you’d like to learn more about other food categories like healthy treats and sweeteners, I’ve put together this comprehensive guide to healthy grocery shopping. It will teach you exactly what’s healthy and what’s not, and put an end to confusion once and for all!

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