Ask Alina: What Are Healthy Snacks I Can Get At A Gas Station?


Q: I’m on the road a lot and don’t always have time to plan my snacks. What are the healthiest snacks I can get at a gas station or small convenience store? – Neil, P.

A: I know I’m going to sound like a broken record, but the best thing you can do is to plan snacks ahead of time so that you can ensure you’re eating well and avoid the unnecessary expense!

BUT, I hear you. There’s been days when I’m stuck on the road much longer than I thought, and haven’t been prepared. If there’s a big supermarket nearby, then I’m in luck. But sometimes when you’re starving and on the highway, the only options are fast food and gas pumps.

Here’s what I do when I’m at a gas pump: I look for low sugar options that are higher in protein and good fat. The best option is typically just a bag of nuts or trail mix, preferably unsalted or unroasted.

The next best option, or something you can have along with the trail nuts is a piece of fruit to sustain your energy levels.

If neither of those are available, I’ll search for a protein bar (like a Quest bar, NOT a Cliff bar) or healthier savoury option like roasted chickpeas or snap pea chips.

Between all those options, I’m sure you’ll find something. I was once desperate and ate those hardboiled eggs that come individually packaged, but my only other options at this gas pump was oversized pretzels, donuts and gross looking old sandwiches.

Bottom line: plan snacks ahead of time or keep some stashed in your car. If you’re out of luck and have to resort to a gas pump, don’t sweat about not finding the ‘perfectly healthy option’, just go with the best, low-sugar available option and try to get a mix of all macronutrients.

Unsure about what’s healthy and what’s not?

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