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Hello wonderful readers,

You may have noticed that I haven’t written in a while. And I bet you were thinking, “Gawd she’s so lazy she gets all excited about making a few smoothies and then POOF she’s gone. I am feeling so unloved and uneducated”.

Well this is partially true, I do have my bouts of blog laziness. BUT, I did write four new educational blog posts. It’s just that they weren’t on this blog, they were on fellow health nut and food blogger Sahar Aman’s website as part of a feature/collaboration called “Buzzwords Explained”.

And since I don’t want you guys missing out on all this juicy info, I’ve copy-pasted the links to all four features at the end of this post!

Before you dive into the blog posts, here’s my little preamble to the “Buzzwords Explained” feature:

Having worked in a health food store for the past year, I can’t tell you the number of times customers have walked in telling me they want “insert buzzword” without knowing what it really is, if it’s even a real thing, important, or significant for their own goals. It’s totally okay not to know, but I don’t find it okay when people throw around the buzzwords so casually, telling everyone else to add them to their diet without educating themselves first.

True story: one day a man walked in who wanted to lose weight and he wanted to know the best weight loss pill out there with the most antioxidants. I proceeded to ask what he knew about antioxidants and why they were important to him – he had no idea. I asked him if he has tried diet and lifestyle changes yet – he said no he doesn’t want to give up junk food and pizza etc. etc. and doesn’t like exercise. I told him no supplement or amount of antioxidants (which were pretty unrelated to his weight loss goals to begin with) will help him unless he starts with simpler food and lifestyle changes. He got grumbly and left.

Bottom line: start with the basics. More fruits and veggies, less junk. More exercise, less sitting. And then we can all worry about buzzwords!

LINK 1: Antioxidants
LINK 2: Omega-3
LINK 3: Gluten-free
LINK 4: Superfood

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