Ask Alina: Does Honey and Hot Water Help with Weight Loss?

Q: Does having honey in hot water help you lose weight? – Mehreen

A: This is a myth that has been around – especially in South Asian culture – for a very, very long time! The short answer is that no, honey in hot water does not cut or burn fat, and is not a magic potion for weight loss.

1 tablespoon of honey contains 16 grams of sugar (the equivalent to 4 teaspoons of white sugar, or a small chocolate bar). Sugar, whether it’s refined white sugar or natural sugar, acts the exact same way in the body and can also contribute to weight gain.

There is no way that drinking sugar mixed in water will promote weight loss, in fact it might do the opposite. That being said, having hot water and honey may make you feel more full, reduce cravings and cut your caloric intake. In that sense, perhaps it can help.

If you do want to have honey with water (or with lemon, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon…whatever concoction you like) I suggest no more than a teaspoon, and making sure it is raw.

Raw honey contains a ton of minerals, amino acids and enzymes that are excellent for digestion and immune health. If you’re using regular, pasteurized honey, there’s no health benefits and it’s just a sweetener.

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